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Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to conserve a Maine lighthouse with a new unique, innovative internet social crowd “sister community” sense of place for all to enjoy in a lot of different ways. We want to make it extremely affordable with a one-time purchase of our Beacon Keeper Virtual Lighthouse Stewardship Deed – plus a lot more.

Our objective is not rocket science, is simple and is easy to enjoy. Let us explain.

First, Lighthouse ownership is very, very rare. Only ~25 US lighthouses are even available for private ownership. Private ownership is extremely rare. Lighthouses are declared surplus property by the US Coast Guard since everything is being “GPS-ed” and lights are no longer needed. However, Congress said you must keep the lighthouses and retain them as active ATONs (aid to navigation). The US Coast Guard, while operating the light, horn, batteries and equipment, do not have the budget to “keep the structure” but they must. They came up with a unique solution to keep the ATON portion while giving up the structure by offering the lights to governments and non-profits.

Halfway Rock Lighthouse went through this process a couple of years ago but there was no non-profit capable or with the capacity to take it on.  Once this multi-year process is complete, it goes out to private auction with a requirement and USCG easement of access to keep just the equipment working.  They retain full access to the property. Anybody can bid on it and “privatize and commercialize” the property. Generally very wealthy people want them for their trophy case and restrict access as it once was. This is where we come in. We don’t want it privatized; we want it open and available to all.

Second, Landicity-Maine LLC, Beacon Keepers is a for-profit company specifically created to retain rare and unusual properties such as lighthouses and islands. We retain them, conserve them and provide an opportunity for all to “own” and enjoy for as little as the price for a pizza, beers and movie for 2!

Our mission is to “save” the lighthouse for a much greater use and purpose while maintaining its historical significance and its working structure.

Conserve:  We conserve, repair and restore the lighthouse.  This takes considerable funds in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range since most have been severely neglected. The solarization event generally spelled the death bed for the lighthouse structures in the ‘70s. Keepers left since there was no longer a use for them and great Fresnel lenses were removed and replaced with little bright bulbs.

Deed/Ownership:  We created the Beacon Keeper Virtual Lighthouse Stewardship Deed as a virtual ownership model so everyone address the question – Who Wouldn’t Want to Own a Lighthouse?” The stewardship deed makes it affordable for anyone to own a lighthouse, not just the wealthy. This stewardship deed is a full-color stock certificate-like document personalize with your name, data, your own mini-block location, coordinates, naming rights as well as special voting rights. From time to time we need your help, suggestions and vote on what and how to do something on and around the light.

High Tech Platform:  We convert the lighthouse to a greater purpose and icon. We hope to sensorized it and bring the lighthouse to you via the internet. We will outfit it with web cams, underwater cams, temperature, salinity, min-rovs, fish counters, night vision detection and a host of 100s of marine-wildlife sensors. An online dashboard of the sensor gauges will be created so kids, grandmas and all individuals can see, hear, feel, touch and smell the lighthouse environment. It is a high tech biosphere without the dome deploying the best technology we can afford. You are transported to the light since it is near impossible to physically land there.

Sense of Place:  The neighborhood -- We build a unique sense of place. We build a new internet “sister” community between you and the Harpswell, Maine and Casco Bay community. Just like cities and towns adopt other international towns, the international worldwide community adopts Harpswell. We build a sense of real place through sharing, stories, following a lobsterman, see aquaculture and view videos of “how it is done”. You can see your lobster fisherman catching you own personal lobster from you own “sister” community.

Ocean-Centric: The lighthouse is much more than a structure, a simple sentinel of the seas. It now has a much larger responsibility to not only help avoid becoming a wreck; it is now a permanent marine ecology station for all to experience. The lighthouse gives back to us in a new way by helping marine-centric, ocean-centric causes and non-profit organizations. 10% of every virtual deed sale is given to these non-profits as a condition of the checkout process. You select which non-profit we will give to. Or, you can type in the name of a marine-centric non-profit not on the drop down menu.

These funds are off the top and go directly into an escrow account for giving. Bi-annually or quarterly we write a check to the non-profit. Additionally, we rally a separate effort. We simply ask you to vote for one from a list of non-profits for us to donate addition funds too, no purchase necessary.

You “own it”, you conserve it, you high tech it, you sister it, you non-profit it.

The Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Deed makes a wonderful unique gift for adults, sailors, merchant marines and sailor as well as lighthouse aficionados, kids and grandkids. They all would love to say “I own a lighthouse” and here is my stewardship deed to prove it. Very few people can say that, less than ~25. You can be one of them

Helping is simple, easy to purchase fun and cool too!

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Meet the team

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Bob Muller

Chief Executive

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Jane Deo


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John Deo

Project Manager

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Diana Jeo


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