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Lighthouse Home Inspection

Lighthouse Home Inspection

The US Federal Governement has now set 21-Aug as the date of the inspection of the lighthouse. This is analogous of you doing a home inspection before you decide to purchase a new (used) home. It is a huge fixer upper for sure.

Once we sign away our life and give a waiver indicating if we get injured, eaten by sharks or fall down the stairs, the government is not liable.  Ouch!

So, on the 21st of August, we go.  Of course this is the sea. It all depends on the tides, winds, seas and weather. It is never easy trying to land on a bare rock, crashing waves heaving up and down and stepping off the boat. Most people in the Casco Bay area and Harpswell have never set foot on this spite of a rock "halfway" between Cape Elizaabeth and Cape Small.

Have a great day and goodnight from Maine

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