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Why Beacon Keepers?

Halfway Rock Lighthouse Beacon Keepers is a unique new innovative social network model for experiential preservation, conservation of our lighthouse as well as our ocean—but with a real sense of place. Beacon Keepers is an alternate social community that is economically sustaina-ble and it is the first to marry the virtual commu-nity with the real “sister” community through the lighthouse and the meaning of a sense of place.

Two major factors of this model are:

a) First, you have a real stakeholder position in the lighthouse; you have unique member-ownership rights. You receive an Official Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship member-ship Deed. You are the lighthouse caregiver and you can say “I own a real working light-house, USA.” We believe you should “Own The Good You Do!”

b) Second, individuals are empowered. You have the option to vote and help assist with lighthouse conservation and sustainable ocean management. You contribute to knowledge, content and stories. You help build and mold what Beacon Keepers should be. You contribute to openness and trans-parency.

What is the Halfway Rock Light-house Challenge and what does it buy me?

From time-to-time, we may have additional cam-paigns for non-profit organizations. The HRL Challenge is simply an additional promo code driven campaign to contribute up to 10% of each sale to ocean-centric and lighthouse centric mis-sions.. Or, we add to this 10%, like doubling it. We track the promo codes for each order and place funds immediately into an escrow account. We then write a donation for that amount to the organizations.

So, if your organization has a fund raiser and 1,000 individuals order a Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Deed, 100 units of revenue is given to your favorite organization. At $65 per unit, that equals $6,500 and each member receives the Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Deed too.

Per your empowered Beacon Keeper vote, or through the direct drop down organization selec-tion at time of sale, the escrow agent is instruct-ed to donate the escrow funds to the non-profit lighthouse, ocean-centric, marine life-centric and community sustainability organizations, bi-annual or quarterly.

What happens if Beacon Keepers vaporizes?

Not what we are working towards, but if it does happen the web site may no longer be available depending on how we disappear. Should this unlikely event occur, all the lawyers will square off and mess things up a bit. We guess you might have a collector’s item!

Are there taxes or charges due?

There are considerable local and state property taxes for an lighthouse. But members do not pay any property taxes. Re-occurring maintenance and upkeep costs for the property are managed by Landicity for members. The one time purchase fee, in volume should enable a separate “trust” fund be set up to manage these type of items.

Is it legal?

Yes. SEC, Blue Sky and all other legal details conformed to prior legal precedents and the law.

Can I really go to the light for real?

Yes, maybe but in the future. There are a lot of agency hoops that must be gone through and these take years with DEP, US Coast Guard, insurance, National Historic Register and many others. ADA might be a big show stopper. To ensure members do not love it to death, you must complete an Access Permit when and if visitation is a real possibility. You certainly can make personal virtual visits and certainly paddle up, motor up and view the light.

Do I really own the light?

You own unique Virtual Stewardship member-stakeholder rights with voting, access and other use rights. You do not actually own any physical or fee simple interest in the light. That would be a subdivision and/or undivided rights, which are not granted. The light is maintained for all members, lighthouse preservation, conservation and ocean-centric missions along with supporting the immediate sister community.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. A simple 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to be happy. We are only happy if you are happy as we are all parts of the same Beacon Keeper community.

Does the Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Deed expire?

No. You are entitled to your membership rights forever if you wish and as long as Beacon Keepers remains in business. You must maintain good Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Membership behavior.

What size is the package I receive when I place an order?

You get an email with the virtual deed stock-like-certificate Halfway Rock Lighthouse Virtual Stew-ardship Deed along with FAQs and the Bill of Rights. electronically for you to print. In the future, we hope to offer for purchase a high security hardcopy of the virtual deed from a 200 year old firm that has printed most certificates, money, passports, and state official documents.

What is the mini-block

The mini-block is ~3 cm square virtually located on the lighthouse granite spire. It is a superim-posed coordinate grid over this conical-shaped spire. Once we official map the site with LIDAR, we may revise block locations and numbers, for free.

Are there any annual fees?

No. Your Beacon Keeper Virtual Lighthouse Stew-ardship Deed is a one-time purchase.

Can I make money on the land?

Nada. No mini-block and Beacon Keeper Stewardship flipping allowed. You should not expect to -- just nada. Beacon Keeper rights do no include any fee simple real estate or financial investment. No subdivisions of min blocks allowed.

What are the shipping times and de-livery options?

We fulfill you order upon full payment via electronic email to the email and under the name you specify with the order.

Are payments through the Beacon Keeper site secure?

Yes. All PayPal/credit card payments use a certified encrypted 128 bit SSL connection with a well know merchant gateway account.

What does my Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Deed get me?

Besides the Official Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Membership Deed to the Halfway Rock Lighthouse, your membership gives you unique member-owner benefits in the larger lighthouse community; you get voting rights, access and naming and owning the coordinates; and when we eventually place web cams, audio, engineering sensors as well as underwater camera capability you get access to those too.

Where is the lighthouse located?

Halfway Rock Lighthouse, since 18713, is an ac-tive working Federal US Coast Guard aid to navi-gation (ATON) created and help by the United States Federal Government and as modified by the Submerged Lands Act (an act of Congress). This special lighthouse is a dovetailed 75 ft. gran-ite block structure which has keepers quarters until 1970’s, at which time it was electrified and now solar powered. It is ~ 4.5 miles offshore “halfway between Cape Elizabeth and Cape Small and located in Cumberland County, Harpswell, Maine, Latitude: 43° 39’ 20.88” N, Longitude: 70° 02’ 12.48”

Can I sell or swap the lighthouse?

You must retain your membership and can not re-sell, convey, transfer or assign your deed with written approval and re-registration of the documents. There may be a fee to change names.

Can I use my membership for legal or resident status?

Nice try but NO! There is no lawful claim or benefits of this nature. You do not get a mailing address, you can not claim HRL or Harpswell, Maine, USA residency nor can you claim in-state college tuition.



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